00217 Overpowered

Sometimes I feel as if I have been exiled in SL. Cast out in the land of no return. I feel like I’ve found my deserted island, pitched up an umbrella and am drinking capri suns while I watch the rest go through this cyclic .. behavior. I’m okay with it now. I was sad at first, but I made some really bad choices… and so I’ll sit with the consequences of those and be thankful for those I love.

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair:  Paper Heart – Prototype (store closed)
Lipstick: Piddle
Dress: Ozi – by ngozi faith <3
Boots: Elysium – Eva Boots
Pose: Del May

Set: by me and my lovie

One thought on “00217 Overpowered

  1. I can’t say I have any clue what you’ve gone through, after all, I live under a rock, but I hope what ever it is drifts away soon. And Absi, we make no BAD choices, there is a reason for all choices, even if it’s just to remind us to stop and breathe. <3

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