#50? Really?!

This makes my 50th (ish) styling on my blog. Yay! *confetti toss*  I saw this dress during the MVW pageant and it’s one of the ONLY ones that spoke to me, and the only one that I’ve bought. I love it dearly. Especially the intricate detail in the sculpt and shape of the skirt, the elaborate feathers, and the fringed lace. Love love love. During my extensive research of dior, these are components he uses in one of his fall collection lines from 1999. Though not so much lace (I couldn’t resist). Anyway, enjoy!


Hair: Boon – ARK554 hair
Jacket: *COCO* TuxedoJacket – Gray (tinted red)
Bow: Tres Beau – Dana – apart of blouse
Under shirt: GIZZA – Dark Swan Gown
Skirt: GIZZA – Dark Swan Gown
Tights: Shop Toshy
Shoes: BAX – Booties black reptile
Poses: Gliterati


Thank you for stopping by :)

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