#53 Mourning

Sometimes there are people that you will never meet who manage to touch your heart. They can be blue. They can be purple. Rich, or poor.  Perhaps they’re across the planet, but somehow they can mean so much to you and affect your life in such a moving way. I grew up using the internet starting off with chatting on AOL and then going to other various games. I know the bonds that we create with people through this form of media are very real. For the most part, it’s an nondiscriminatory kind of love. Though it’s not very physically impeding, it’s the kind that sprawls across your back like a warm shawl. It coats over you and protects you throughout the day — you have that friend that will listen to your troubles, celebrate your achievements, and laugh when you type or say something insanely retarded all without judging -you-. The fake, and frivolous, and sometimes snobby person that you are in your real life. The bratty, and spoiled, and self-conceited child that you present yourself to be is loved by somebody who knows the real you.

I am so very blessed to have had him as my best friend online and in my real life. I am so selfishly sad that he has to leave this world. And I wonder who will text me tomorrow. Who will make fun my avatar or my newest hobby and laugh at all the strange things I put her in.  Who will I play scrabble with? I am blessed to have had such a wonderful friend who has truly touched me, and I hope that everybody can find somebody the same.

I love you, Justin. I always will.

Hair: LoQ – Sake

Skull: LoQ – Bird Skull

Scarf: Mimikri – Kay Black

Make-up: Cheap makup

Dress: Chantkare – Manny Dress (on sale)

Fur Stoel: !OHmai for Collarbor88 – A Lil’ foxy (black fox)

Earrings: BellsBalls/PIDIDDLE – Fringed Cuff – snow bird

Skirt: Baiastice – La Romantique skirt -red

Belt: Fishy Strawberry – geisha leather belt – red

Poses: Glitterati

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