#65 – My Kinda Vogue

When I bought these purple boots, I never thought I’d get to wear them again. I took a risk, bought bright purple boots, and now they’re my favorite boots of this winter season. :)  I wonder what risk I’ll take next.

This styling, especially the composition of the photo, is inspired by my feelings produced when I look through Vogue magazine. The outfit is another one of Chantkare’s fabulous creations. I hadn’t planned on buying it, but then I saw the green and my brain screamed “PURPLE BOOTS!”   So I went there.

Enjoy :)


Hair: Tram – A812 hair
Jacket and Leggings: Chantkare AZELE
Boots: Leverocci – OTK Boots_Violet
Ring: P.C – Arrow Head Cocktail Ring
Purse: Je Suis – ::sauvage::clutch::black cow

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